Upravit stránku

The cold method of microbiological stabilization of beer ensures that the beer retains its unique and distinctive character (color, lightness and taste, bitterness or sweetness) for over a year. You will increase its shelf-life and deliver it to end-customer in the right quality! It presents a clear advantage over stabilization by pasteurization, which degrades the taste of the beer. 

Destila focuses on the development of these microbiological filters for small and medium-sized breweries.

How does the cold method of stabilization of beer work?

Membrane microfilters remove any biologically harmful microorganisms from the beer. This significantly increases its biological shelf-life without adversely affecting the taste properties.

The CO2 produced by fermentation and aging of the beer will remain in the beverage in its natural volume and quality.

Compared to pasteurization, cold microbiological stabilization of beer has the following advantages:

  • it does not require the addition of CO2 after which an unwanted after-taste remains
  • it has lower production costs