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DESTILA provides custom production and repair of copper and stainless-steel equipment. Copper vessels, distillery boilers and boiler linings, stainless steel baths, pressure vessels, heaters and coolers.

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Copper products

  • boilers for grower distilleries
  • copper vessels and columns
  • copper linings and knuckles for boilers
  • decorative covers above the restaurant
  • special works (brass, technical silver or tin, surface tinning and unique copper - stainless steel welding technology).
Copper products

Stainless steel products

  • production and repair of all types of pressure vessels without limits
  • production and repair of heating bundles for storage and counter-current heaters and coolers
  • production of stainless steel vessels
  • production of baths up to 3.5 m in diameter.
Stainless steel products

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