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We supply grower and fruit distilleries with 150, 300 and 600-liter raw material boilers!

We offer distillation equipment with a rectification column (KPD). They hold certification issued by the state examination office TÜV CZ, meet all European standards and can be operated in all EU Member States.


  • Lower operating space requirements;
  • significantly lower energy consumption;
  • better control of the distillation process to give you a purer distillate;
  • vacuum intake of the yeast from the delivery containers to the preheating hopper;
  • includes a calibrated drip tank.
Grower and fruit distilleries

How cooperation takes place:

  • we will prepare a non-binding offer for you;
  • we will recommend suitable building modifications and we will help you obtain permission according to the valid legislation;
  • we will deliver and install the distillery and other selected equipment (including water and electrical wiring);
  • we will train staff in the correct and safe use.


  • stainless steel;
  • selected parts (boiler and catalyst insert) are made from copper.


  • either gas, solid fuel or steam.

Did you know that …

Copper parts increase the purity of the distillate? Copper binds harmful contaminants together that would not otherwise be separated during distillation.

Select the equipment for your distillery

Traditional PPD-type dual-boiler distilleries

Traditional dual-boiler distilleries (with raw material and rectification boilers). They offer efficient operation at low water and energy consumption. The distillation time is up to 3.5 hours and consumption is up to 20 kWh/24 hours.

Modern KPD-type distilleries with a column

Modern type of distillery with a single raw material boiler and rectification column. They take up less space, allow for better control of the distillation process and consume less water and electricity.

Important parts of our distilleries

Drip tanks

Since 2013, the use of calibrated drip tanks has been compulsory in the Czech Republic. Therefore, they are a standard part of our supplies, but it is also possible to order them separately (volume 300 l).

Vacuum suction of yeast

Move hundreds of kilograms of yeast safely and in seconds. Guarantees maximum comfort when operating the distilleries

Additional equipment

Stone removal machine

Stone removal machine serves to separate the stone from the fruit stillage. The stones do not pass through the opening of the cylindrical sieve (diameter of 7 mm).

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