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DESTILA microbreweries are primarily intended for technology centers of secondary schools and universities engaged in the teaching of brewing technologies. You can brew beer both by decoction and infusion! DESTILA microbreweries can easily prepare not only typical Czech beers, but also beers of different types and styles, both bottom and top fermented.

We can equip the brewery with the required range of stainless-steel vessels - from open fermentation vats, through traditional fermentation and larger tanks, to miniature CCT versions, ensuring the fermenting part of the production process.

The production process approaches the real production conditions in the actual brewery as far as possible.

    Advantages of DESTILA microbreweries:

    • fully equipped, with the possibility of individual assembly;
    • ideal for teaching brewing technologies;
    • possibility of semi-automatic or manual control of the production process of the batch and fermentation of the beer;
    • can be equipped anywhere with a wide range of stainless-steel vessels and expanded according to your ideas and needs.
    • Types of beer
      DESTILA microbreweries allow you to brew all types of Czech and European beers.
      • Classic Czech light beer

        This type of beer is typical for the Czech Republic, and has a good tradition and reputation. It is prepared according to the Czech recipe from first-class Czech raw materials (water, malt and aromatic hops) without the use of preservatives. Brewing is done using fresh, natural Czech yeast.

        Czech light beer can be brewed with our equipment with a density of 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14.

      • Classic Czech dark beer

        This beer is very popular in the Czech Republic, due to its special taste. It is prepared according to a Czech recipe from water, 4 types of malt and aromatic hops, without preservatives. Fermentation of the beer takes place using special yeast intended for bottom fermentation.

        DESTILA microbreweries can brew dark Czech beer with a density of 11, 12, 13 and 14.

      • Wheat beer

        It is prepared according to the Czech recipe from water, wheat and light malt and aromatic hops. Fermentation of the beer takes place using special liquid yeast. Wheat beer can be served with lemon.

      • Other types of beer
        DESTILA microbreweries are universal. They can be brewed using all of the existing methods such as ales, pale ales and others.

    Technical details

    • Composition and layout of the microbrewery
      • Preparation of malt grist – dual-roll grinding mill, scales.
      • Dual-tank boiler block and wort cooling – wort mash pan with an integrated churner function, decanter, single-stage wort cooling, condenser, control panel, heating boiler, pump, temperature control, aeration cartridge.
      • Hot water management - hot water tank, hot water pump.
      • Yeast management - Vessel for non-pressurized, stable and cooled yeast, mobile dispensing pressure vessel.
      • Open fermentation vats or fermentation tanks or cylindroconical tanks, lager tanks + mobile pump.
      • Filtration and bottling tanks – beer filters, bottling (pressure) tanks.
      • Washing and filling KEG barrels - Semi-automatic KEG barrel dishwasher, manual KEG barrel filler.
      • Sanitation - CIP station (lye, acid), sanitation pump.
      • Compressor station – compressor, oil and moisture separator, microbial air filter, carbon filter.
      • Cooling, ice water preparation - cooling unit, propylene glycol coolant -4 ° C, evaporator, ice water tank, ice water pump.
      • Piping systems – stainless-steel piping (product), plastic piping (water, refrigerant), hoses, fittings, other connecting and mounting material.
      • Electrical installations - main switchboard, control panels for the individual devices, electric cables, other electrical material installations, control unit + control panel, possibility of semi-automatic or manual control of batch production process and beer fermentation.
    • Consumption of raw materials

      Approximate consumption of raw materials per 100 liters of 12° pilsner-type beer is as follows:







      Kieselguhr for filtration



      Water for technological purposes incl. washing the equipment



    • Production capacity

      Volume of a single batch: 100 liters

      Annual production capacity: max. 400 hl

    • Brewer fuel
      • Oil –oil is heated in an electrolytic boiler, which is located below the brewer platform or recessed below the brewer.
      • Steam - steam is produced in an electric steam generator.
    • Assembly and putting into operation

      We can put together a functional technological brewery unit for your needs.

      We actively cooperate with the designer of the building. Our technicians will prepare the most suitable layout of the vessels at your premises. We organize our own equipment delivery, assembly, putting into operation, servicing and staff training. We will perform an initial inspection of the supplied pressure vessels.

      All we need from the customer is to supply electricity and water.

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