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DESTILA, s.r.o. produces, supplies and puts into operation microbreweries, minibreweries and small industrial breweries with a capacity of 100 to 34 000 hl of beer per year. We oversee the training of staff and the regular supply of quality raw materials for beer production.

During our many years of experience on the market, we have supplied dozens of breweries all over the world. Take a look at our references and find out how satisfied our customers are. 

In DESTILA breweries, you can brew Czech and international beers both by decoction (suitable especially for Czech bottom fermented pilsner-type beers) and infusion (suitable for top fermented beer, e.g. wheat beer, ales, stouts etc.)

Microbreweries (100 – 400 hl/year)

Primarily intended for technology centers of secondary schools and universities engaged in the teaching of brewing technologies.

Small industrial breweries (11 000 – 40 000 hl/year)

Up to 40,000 hl of quality barrel or bottled beer annually for a network of restaurants and shops.

Minibreweries (500 – 10 000 hl/year)

Designed primarily for beer production in restaurants. We place special emphasis on the design of the brewers in either stainless steel or copper versions.

Brewery components and accessories

Grinding mills, compressors, pressure and lager tanks, KEG washers and fillers and other equipment to optimize the output and quality of your brewery. 


  • you can determine what your brewery should contain;
  • DESTILA breweries can be expanded at any time according to your requirements;
  • high degree of automation and reliability of production;
  • all types of Czech and other European beers can be brewed in it;
  • Czech recipes are included;
  • they enable easy and reliable cleaning, disinfection and sanitation;
  • we place an emphasis on interior design (copper lining, polished surfaces etc.), thanks to which the brewery will look beautiful in your restaurant.

Our services:

  • we provide consultations will and propose an ideal brewery assembly;
  • our technicians will develop the most suitable layout of the vessels in your premises;
  • we will build a functional technological unit, we will actively cooperate with the designer of the building;
  • we organize our own equipment delivery, assembly, operation and service;
  • we perform an initial inspection of the delivered pressure vessels;
  • we train your brewery staff.