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  • Breweries

    DESTILA, s.r.o. produces, supplies and puts into operation microbreweries, minibreweries and small industrial breweries with a capacity of 100 to 34 000 hl of beer per year. We oversee the training of staff and the regular supply of quality raw materials for beer production.

    In our breweries, you can brew beer both by decoction and infusion - in the DESTILA brewery you can easily prepare all kinds of Czech and other European beers.

    During our many years of experience on the market, we have supplied tens of breweries all over the world. Take a look at our references and find out how satisfied customers are with us.

    • Microbreweries

      DESTILA microbreweries are primarily intended for technology centers of secondary schools and universities engaged in the teaching of brewing technologies.

      They are equipped with a kieselguhr filter, pressure tanks and all the necessary peripherals (malt scrapers, hot and cold water tanks, sterile air, glycol cooling, CIP stations, piping, electrical wiring and MaR). The production process is as close as possible to the real production conditions in actual breweries.

    • Restaurant minibreweries

      Restaurant minibreweries have been our main product for the past 10 years. By 2016, we had supplied over 50 microbreweries to 12 countries around the world and this number is increasing every year. Several microbreweries also successfully work in the Czech Republic.

      DESTILA microbreweries produce 300-1-20 hl of beer in a single batch. Every year, you obtain up to 10,000 hl of quality barrel beer for your restaurant. Minibreweries are primarily intended for beer production in restaurants. That is why we place special emphasis on the design of the brewers in either stainless steel or classical copper versions.

    • Small industrial breweries

      Small industrial breweries produce 25 - 30 hl of beer in a single batch. Every year, you get up to 40,000 hl of quality barrel or bottled beer for your network of restaurants, shops or a smaller region.

      The concept of small industrial breweries is based on the restaurant minibrewery, but it responds to the fundamental differences, especially in the demand for the lowest possible production costs, longer shelf-life of the beer, more processed raw materials and production waste, more demanding beer dispatch, higher automation requirements and reliability of the production process.

      The small DESTILA industrial brewery produces beer using CCT (cylindrical-conical tanks) technology, which is excellent for controlling fermentation and regulating temperature. In addition, it prevents contamination of the beer and is easier to clean.

      Volume: 25 - 30 hl/batch, 10 - 20 000 hl of beer/year.

      Extension: filling line for PET (1-2 l) or glass bottles (0.5 l).

      All of the necessary peripherals and accessories are dimensioned for the given performance of the brewery, with the possibility of future expansion.

      Small industrial breweries ensure:

      • a longer self-life of the beer,
      • wider assortment of production,
      • more demanding expedition,
      • higher automation requirements and reliability of the production process.

      The first brewery of this type was supplied to Mongolia in 1997. By the end of 2016, we had supplied 10 industrial breweries to Russia, and in 2011 and 2015 we also supplied two such breweries to the Czech Republic.

    • Propagation station for the production of pure culture of brewer’s yeast

      The DESTILA propagation station is intended for medium and large industrial breweries (from 10,000 to 750,000 hl/year) who need to ensure a pure culture of brewer’s yeast with a stable quality for their beer production.

      A propagation station is a device in which the pure culture of brewer’s yeast is propagated under sterile conditions. Thanks to them, you can create your own yeast cells. There is no risk of buying infected yeast and you will not be dependent on suppliers and competitors.

      We offer propagators in three different sizes. The station can be equipped to ensure sterility of the wort as well as sludge treatment. UV lamps can also be used to sterilize the flushing water.

      We also supply stations with a CIP (Clean-In-Place) sanitation station, which ensures perfect cleaning of the production technology, tanks, containers, fillers and piping that comes in contact with the product being processed.

      DESTILA propagation stations successfully work in the Žatec brewery in the Czech Republic, the Bauska Brewery in Lithuania and on Sachalin Island in the North Pacific.

  • Grower and fruit distilleries
    DESTILA was founded in 1947 by manufacturers of distillation equipment for the production of plum brandy. That is where the name comes from. We have nearly 70 years of experience in producing distillation technologies.
    • Distillation equipment

      We offer 2 types of equipment:

      Both types are produced for a raw material boiler volume of 150, 300 and 600 liters. The boilers can be run on gas, steam or solid fuel.

      We can also produce to order distillation equipment with various different layouts and performance.

    • Additional equipment

      We can easily expand your distillery and optimize its performance.

      • Drip tanks are legally required in all distilleries. We can install them for you.
      • Vacuum suction facilitates yeast transport.
      • Stone removal machines can be used to utilize otherwise useless stillage.
      • We also offer fermentation tanks, hydraulic presses, thermometers and a range of other equipment.
    • TEPRON alcohol meters
      Destila is the exclusive importer of alcohol meters for distilleries, produced by the Slovak company TEPRON.
  • Beer filtration and stabilization
    DESTILA is a traditional European producer of Kieselguhr filters. We have reacted several times to the increasing demands in this field with the development and innovation of filtration equipment and the technologies used. Thanks to this, we are considered as one of the best suppliers of specialized filtering technologies for brewing, both at home and abroad.
    • Filtration

      Filters have long been a fixed part of our production program, and the possibilities offered by this method have yet to be exhausted. We offer candle filters with a filtration area of 1 - 60 m² usable in breweries, winemaking and for other purposes.

      If our filters are used correctly, they can provide a maximum of 5 yeast cells per 100 ml of filtered beer and they are twice as effective when filtering wine.

    • Stabilization

      Stabilization filtration equipment (FKS 100ST – FKS 600ST) is the result of an effort to improve beer stabilization technology. It meets the increasing requirements for colloidal shelf-life and does not impair the characteristics of the beer or other beverages.

      The cold method of microbiological stabilization of beer ensures that the beer retains its unique and characteristic qualities (color, lightness and taste, bitterness or sweetness) for over a year. Increase its shelf life and supply it to the end-customer in the right quality! It presents a clear advantage over stabilization by pasteurization, which degrades the taste of the beer.

  • Gas-fired boilers

    We have been producing gas-fired boilers for over 40 years. We hold our position on the market mainly as producers of stationary boilers with a power output of up to 29 kW.

    We offer DPL automatic stationary steel gas-fired boilers with a steel-welded exchanger. These boilers remain a popular product due to their reliability.

    • Custom production
      DESTILA provides custom production and repair of copper and stainless-steel equipment. Copper vessels, distillery boilers and boiler linings, stainless-steel baths, pressure vessels, heaters and coolers and many others. All products are made to order.
    • Service and additional services

      We provide our customers with comprehensive services.

      Along with the supply of breweries we can provide

      • quality Czech brewers who brew genuine Czech lagers on site and transfer the relevant know-how,
      • as well as single and long-term deliveries of Czech hops and bagged malt.

      In the fields of filtration and stabilization

      • we prepare suitable recipes for Kieselguhr mixtures and their dosing according to the filterability of the specific beers,
      • we will propose a suitable degree of automation for your equipment and optimize the dosing of the means of filtration,
      • arrange installation of equipment, training of operators, warranty and post-warranty service and supply of spare parts.