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The CIP sanitation station will ensure that your beer production equipment and piping are perfectly clean. It ensures the preparation of sanitation solutions, heating them to the required temperature and cleaning the whole minibrewery.

We can modify the CIP to suit the needs of your minibrewery. CIP vessels are equipped with a circulating pump that distributes sanitizing solutions into the piping.

A shared steam heat exchanger ensures their heating. Saturated water vapor at 145 °C is used for heating. The minibrewery is connected with a stainless-steel piping, which is then attached to a connection hose.

The CIP is connected to the electrical mains network.


  • equipped with a circulating pump and a heat exchanger;
  • it automatically regulates the heating of the solution;
  • it allows the use of acidic and basic detergents or peroxyacetic acid based disinfectants (Persteril);
  • it can be controlled using a control panel;
  • any number of containers can be supplied based on your requirements in various different assemblies.
Sanitation station (CIP)

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