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The stone removal machine serves to separate stones from the fruit stillage, which arises during the brewing process, during the operation of a fruit distillery or similar operation. It reliably separates the stones that do not pass through the holes of the cylindrical screen (diameter 7 mm).

The stillage is used as a raw material in composting plants and biogas stations, or is sent to a wastewater treatment plant. In which case, it must not contain any stones. This is no problem with a DESTILA stone removal machine.

It is mainly used for the separation of apricot, plum, greengage and mirabelle stones. When processing cherries and sour cherries, the separation efficiency is lower.


  • reliably separates the stones that do not pass through the hole of the cylindrical sieve (Ø 7 mm);
  • allows for the sale of stillage for composting and biogas stations;
  • ideal for apricots, plums, greengage and mirabelle;
  • meets all of the technical conditions, and conditions for reliability, durability and suitability of the used materials according to Act 22/1997 Coll. on the technical requirements of products;
  • the stone removal machine holds the relevant EC Declaration of Conformity;
  • installation of the stillage pipe and functional testing are included in the supply.
Stone removal machine
  • Description of the equipment

    The DESTILA stone removing machine is a rotating machine, the main part of which is a square stainless-steel bath. A cylindrical sieve and a shaft with three scrapers in the shape of a tightly-wound spiral are inserted between the flanges.

    The drive of the inner part (the shaft with scrapers) is provided by a V-belt drive electric motor (4 kW). The electric motor is mounted on a swing plate that allows belt tensioning.

    A distributor is mounted at the stillage outlet to control the flow. It can be led to for stone removal inside or outside the machine.

    The stone removal machine is most often installed nearby the distillation boilers.

  • Technical parameters


    Markings / value

    Voltage system

    3/N/PE 50 Hz; 400/230 V

    Siemens electrical motor

    1LA7 113-4AA10; 4 kW; 1400 rev./min.

    Volume of processed stillage

    100 liters/min.

    Total weight

    170 kg

    Main dimensions

    1460 x 535 x 905 ( l x w x h )

    Sieve holes

    Ø 7mm


    Forks 1653 (16 A); cable CSMS 5Cx2,5

    Degree of protection

    IP 54


    Motor starter SM 1 10A


    Insulating cabinet SM1-M

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