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Vacuum suction of yeast reliably relocates hundreds of kilograms of various yeasts into a hopper. Thanks to this modern way of transporting yeast, you will not have to risk handling heavy vessels full of yeast in the cold and rain.


  • suction is fast, efficient and economical;
  • makes life easier for you and your customers;
  • vessels can be preheated with wastewater from the coolers, saving heating boiler fuel;
  • the yeast is discharged into the boilers from the vessel, so operators do not come into contact with it at all;
  • the surroundings of the boilers and the entire area of the distillery will remain absolutely clean;
  • we will assemble, test and put them into operation.
Vacuum suction of yeast
  • Description of the equipment

    Vacuum suction of the yeast transfers the yeast from the transport containers to a tank and then through a pipe to the boilers.

    Composition of the equipment:

    • The yeast fermentation tank is adapted to the volume of the boiler.
    • The tank is equipped with an internal rinse system and wash-out nozzles.
    • Vacuum pump to create the necessary vacuum.
    • Safety separation tank.
    • Air connection pipe.
    • Connecting yeast suction pipe including suction hose.
  • Device schema
    Vacuum suction of yeast

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