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Yeast storage tanks are used to safely store and dispense brewer’s yeast. They separate the dead yeast from healthy mixture and keep the yeast alive for longer. Thanks to yeast storage tanks, you will not be dependent on the supply of yeast from your competitors.

We produce yeast cells of various different volumes; we offer the size you need for your brewery.

Non-pressurized yeast storage tanks:

  • include a cooling duplicator for glycol cooling;
  • made of stainless-steel in a tilting frame;
  • polished inner and outer surfaces.

Mobile pressurized yeast storage tanks:

  • Suitable for dosing to CCT;
  • located on a mobile frame;
  • made of stainless-steel; 
  • polished inner and outer surfaces;
  • equipped with a washing head.
Non-pressurized yeast storage tank
Mobile pressurized yeast storage tank

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