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Stabilization gives the beer its longer shelf-life – which is extended for up to a year without affecting its color, taste or any other characteristics. You can put it in bottles and move it to the distribution network.

Filtration is the mechanical removal of live yeast from the beverage. Beer, wine or other liquids pass through one or more filter layers. We have been filtering for over 50 years!

We have reacted several times to the increase in complexity of this industry by the development and innovation of filtration equipment and the technologies used. Thanks to this, we are considered as being one of the best suppliers of specialized filtering technologies for brewing not only at home but also abroad.

If you use our filters correctly, you will receive a maximum of 5 yeast cells per 100 ml of filtered beer. When filtering wine, they are twice as effective.


  • long service life;
  • easy cleaning and maintenance (economical operation);
  • rigid construction, thanks to which filtration is not disturbed by vibrations.


  • extends the shelf-life of the beer by up to a year without affecting its characteristics (color, taste etc.);
  • candle filters ensure high quality and reliability of filtration;
  • they are economical, suitable mainly for larger breweries and guarantee a return on investment.

The cold method of microbiological stabilization of beer ensures that the beer retains its unique and distinctive character (color, lightness and taste, bitterness or sweetness) for over a year. You will increase its shelf-life and deliver it to end-customer in the right quality! It presents a clear advantage over stabilization by pasteurization, which degrades the taste of the beer. 

How cooperation takes place:

  • we will prepare a non-binding offer for you
  • we will help you to choose the right equipment or to build a functional filtering or stabilization line according to your needs
  • we will supply and install the equipment and put it into full operation;


  • we will help you optimize the filtration process or stabilization of beer;
  • we will train staff in its proper and safe use
  • we will take care of the warranty service.

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